Never stop proving yourself wrong.

Treadmill – Will Smith

"I'm not afraid to die on a treadmill.... I will not be outworked. Period." -Will Smith https://soundcloud.com/failfection/will-smith-treadmill The obsession that some of the biggest stars, and the toughest competitors have can seem extreme for most of us. It should. If you are wanting something in life that seems to just slip out of your grasp however, sometimes it takes another level of intensity. For the most intense goals, it may be that the only way to achieve...

Island Shells, Welfare and Social Programs

Imagine you’re on a large remote island and there’s no way to get off. There’s a small group of people on the island, roughly 20 people. There isn’t much needed to survive since this island is in the tropics. There is plenty of wildlife, endless food and water. Everyone can just lay around and do whatever they want every day and can walk over to the closest stream for water, pluck berries or catch...

Light Bulbs, Patents and Frozen Innovation

You have an idea that’s revolutionary. It’s game-changing. You have a strong belief that whoever implements your idea will make millions and change technology as we know it. The catch is, it takes a lot of time and resources to implement. You estimate it will take about two years if all goes well. In that amount of time, will someone else think of your idea? If you have others helping, what if they steal...

Freedom to Hate

You’ve been working with a guy named Joe for almost a year now. He’s a good worker, cheerful with a sense of humor. You’ve gone to lunch with him here and there. You’re not quite friends, still more acquaintances, but one day, you’re invited to a cook-out at his house. At the house, everyone is relaxed and having a good time when Joe starts ranting about another race. He talks about how they’re all...

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