Never stop proving yourself wrong.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is Great, But Wrong

Imagine being in an airplane accident that left you and five others stranded in a partially frozen over river, during a snow storm. You are all hanging on to debris and barely conscious from the crash, the cold water means you only have at most 45 minutes to live. After a time that seemed like ages, a helicopter comes comes in to save you all, but can only air lift one or two out...

Feeling Stuck and Moths

You're dating someone who was the most amazing person in the world for the first six months. For some reason however, they have been increasingly negative. They don't think you're attractive, or maybe they say you're too attractive, they say you don't have enough drive, or maybe they say all you do is work. Whatever it is you are, they don't seem to like it anymore. For many, that's a no-brainer: goodbye, good riddance....

Jocko Willink – Treated Like a Doormat

Being a doormat is usually about the way we carry ourselves and what we respond to. Sometimes we don't realize that "snapping" after we've had it, isn't a good idea either. We need a balance, we need to draw lines in the sand well before we snap, or better yet shrug things off all together. Let's learn from someone who probably knows a thing or two about standing up for themselves. https://soundcloud.com/failfection/jocko-willink-treated-like-a-doormat

Scarcity, Abundance and Universal Basic Income

Imagine living in a arid environment that cannot sustain many animals or vegetation. You're in a small community that uses a mix of farming and harvesting for food resources. It's also over 100 miles to get to any other village, by foot due to the bad terrain. In this environment, you all manage to get just enough food and water to keep everyone alive and relatively healthy given the circumstances. Yet in the last...