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“Sack it up. Fail and fail and fail until you succeed.” -David Goggins

Life isn’t always good. Many of us have had major life-changing failures, the type that some of us don’t get back up from. Some of us are in difficult situations that can’t be escaped, like quicksand or a vortex spiraling down out of control. While for others, there is a never-ending number of annoying obstacles to overcome.

However, there’s one common theme every successful person and successful organization has; they’ve all failed, 100% of them. And for most of them, they’ve failed a LOT. When we are stuck in a rut, have we truly failed? Have we really given it our all? Have we really learned from our failures and the failures of others methodically, deliberately, obsessively? Have we adjusted and adapted accordingly? Have we acknowledged our mistakes? Are we open to the possibility of being wrong?

It sounds a lot like a perfectionist in some ways – an obsession, a similar desire to relentlessly improve. Except what we are emphasizing is not at all perfectionism. We aren’t trying to be perfect; we know that’s not possible, and if it were, we wouldn’t want perfection anyway. Perfection says we’re ‘complete.’ Perfection says we can’t improve. Perfection says there is no more growth. What happens to a plant that doesn’t grow?

Failfection is about life and its lessons. It’s about constantly growing. It’s knowing that we cannot improve without failure, without being wrong or making mistakes in some way. If we can embrace these ideas and pass them on, we can not only overcome adversity but also increase tolerance through acceptance of differing opinions and beliefs.

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  1. Sar chota sa gam me tha hu or chota sa bijanas kar na sahata hu or me re pas amout kam he or sab gam ke mahil ko kam de chaku ? Bijanas he par amout kam he kar pauga ? Bijanas gam ki har malila kam de saku….?



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