About Failfection

“Sack it up. Fail and fail and fail until you succeed.” -David Goggins

Life isn’t always good. Many of us have had major life changing failures; the type that some of us don’t get back up from. Some of us, don’t realize what it is that we are missing, or why life seems to have a never ending number of obstacles to overcome, or why we can’t get out of what seems like quicksand or a vortex spiraling down out of control.

There’s one common theme however every successful person and successful organization has; they’ve all failed or learned from failure in one way or another. 100% of them. When you are stuck in a rut, have you truly failed? Have you really given it your all? Have you really learned from your failures, from the failures of others, methodically, deliberately, obsessively? Have you adjusted and adapted accordingly? Do you know how important it is to fail after giving it your all, getting back up and learning from it?

It sounds a lot like a perfectionist in some ways, an obsession, a similar desire to work hard to achieve your goals. Except what we are emphasizing is not at all perfectionism. We aren’t trying to be perfect, we know that’s not possible, and if it were, we wouldn’t want perfection anyway. Perfection says you’re ‘complete’. Perfection says you can’t improve.

We want to emphasize one of, if not the most important parts of life and learning, to fail and continuously work to overcome those failures. We want to break the mental chains restricting us from overcoming adversity. This is Failfection.

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