Cardano Blockchain

For those who don't know, Cardano is a "3rd" generation decentralized blockchain technology. Their aim is to help the societies and communities that are underserved and generally unable to have access to financial resources. Decentralized technologies WILL change the world, the question is when and how.

Owning Cryptocurrency

Everyone should look into owning some cryptocurrency as the world changes. Although generally places like Binance, Coinbase and others are the go to, they are acting like banks again. The point of crypto is to have the bank in your pocket. Get your own cryptocurrency wallet, securely generate your addresses and only use the third parties like Binance to transfer funds until a more decentralized way is available.

[FAIL] Stake Pool - On Testnet

Most first generation blockchains are Proof of Work, which require large amounts of resources to maintain the decentralized trustless structure. Many of the newer blockchains however use various other consensus algorithms, Cardano uses Proof of Stake which requires that users "Stake" their crytpocurrency instead of "Mining" for the cryptocurrency.