How to perfectly FAIL.

Imagine this: You shoot better than Steph Curry, you shoot 3 pointers and never miss. You’ve never missed in your entire life, you can actually say you are perfect at shooting 3 pointers. You broke the world record for most 3’s made in a row. You were so far ahead of the next closest person, you just stopped because there was no reason to continue. Are you perfect at shooting 3s?

What can you actually learn from perfection? Clearly this is a hypothetical scenario, and the fact is no one is perfect at shooting 3s. But even if you were perfect at something, it should be clear that 1. There would be no challenge and 2. You can’t ever truly know your limitations when you are perfect.

So how do you perfectly fail if you’re already a perfect 3 point shooter? It means you take a step back and shoot. Still perfect? Take another step back. Still perfect? Shoot under pressure. Still perfect? Off the dribble. Still perfect? With Lebron James guarding you. And on and on. Keep going until at some point you miss. +1 until you fail, and only then will you really start to learn. Whatever perfect state you are in, you can *always* +1.

Failure > Perfection.



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