Your First Thought Doesn’t Make You Racist – Anthony Mackie

We talk about being divisive, this side said this, that side said that. Stereotypes and negative perceptions will exist and may feel very close to racism, but it isn’t. All it takes is more of us being willing to listen on all sides. It only takes realizing that someone else’s perspective is their truth and that’s ok. We need to allow for the conversations to be had. If we ask a tough question and someone else’s perspective is different from our own, that doesn’t make them a horrible person. We should be able to ask a tough question like “As a black person, why do you still feel race is such a major problem if we had a black president?” or “As a white person, why does there seem to be such a problem with saying Black Lives Matter?”

These questions are just thoughts, they are inquiries, they allow us to get to know each other. If you have friends of other races, genders and everything else out there, then all it takes is a question without judgement, just listen and be ok with not agreeing. If you don’t have friends of the particular group in question, find some before going too crazy casting judgement.

“Your first thought doesn’t make you a racist, it’s the second, third and forth thoughts that make someone racist.” -Anthony Mackie from the movie Black or White





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