Don’t Stop Moving Forward

Don’t stop moving forward. It’s common sense. It’s instinctive. It’s something that we all know. If we want to achieve something, if we want to stay motivated, or overcome hardships. We know that if we move slowly towards it and never stop, that eventually we’ll overcome. We’ll eventually achieve our potential. But why is it so hard, why is it we always forget or slip up? Maybe it has to do with a natural ‘friction’, that’s applied to everything we do. When we stop moving towards something, whatever it is we have to overcome that friction to get back to where we were. In physics, the idea of ‘conservation of energy’ is that everything is always maintained and transferred from object to object.

In our lives, it’s possible it’s no different. If we think about a bat and a ball, and transferring the energy of a bat swing to the ball, it’s an obvious result.

Yet, when we work towards something, when we’re studying when we’re speaking, influencing and interacting with others we’re using energy and that energy is going into something, and it’s not just the fact that we’re walking, breathing and moving. We’re putting that energy into our work, our goals, the things we are trying to achieve.

It may sound like we are talking some sort of metaphysical or spiritual thing, but it’s not. This is science; physical energy.  Calories are being burned, neurons are firing and making new pathways, we’re storing information, sending information to other people and they are in turn interpreting whatever it is we’re saying or doing.

In a more simple sense, if we’re studying for an exam every day to make sure to pass a tough exam. What happens two weeks after you take an exam you studied every day for? Do you still remember everything you studied? Our knowledge and understanding of whatever subject we were working on slowly decays because of this natural friction, if we don’t continue to study, if we don’t continue to move forward.

Everything in life in general is no different. If we stop applying energy towards something, not only does the progress stop,but it’s harder to get back to where we were than if we continued to push things forward everyday.

Relationships, jobs, goals and our bodies. Everything is subject to this concept.

With all the different things we need to manage in our lives, this means we have to be efficient. We can’t spend our energy going in circles, we can’t spend our energy on things that detract from our most important goals, whether that is to travel, to spend time with family, to become the best at something or build a business.

So if it’s important to you. Do it. At least one small step at a time, every—single—day.



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